【 Selection of Materials 】

The durable century-old western red cedar is selected to make every beehive.

【 Focus on Details 】

Our masters are experienced in making beehives with the focus on details and quality.

【 Complicated Processes 】

Each beehive is made through 12 processes, from drying, cutting, coating, assembly, to painting.

【 Sophisticated Technology 】

The argon welding technology is maneuvered by senior masters to create products designated by Japanese customers.

【 Improvement in Angles 】

The third-generation owner Lin, Feng-Chuan improves the radioactive special angle to reduce the centrifugal force and the harm of nested larvae.

【 Solid Shape 】

The stainless steel sheet is transformed into a barrel with four more embossed lines to enhance the overall durability and the appearance.

【 Rich Experience 】

Each quality bee brush is handmade by our masters with more than 50 years of experience in making bee brushes.

【 Insistence on Materials 】

Soft horse hair is selected to reduce the harm to bee wings and the bee colony.

【 Delicate Making 】

Each bee brush is made step by step, from bundling horse hair to making the shape of a bee brush, which perfectly reflects our attitude of doing things.