Sanyi strives to develop beekeeping technologies and bee products. Through advantageous background and market Insight, Sanyi has a sound series of business divisions worldwide.

1.Sanyi Honey Factory (1950) / Bee Products, Bee Supplies, and Bee Farm Management.
2.Lin, Li-Chun Trade Co., Ltd. (1970) / Bee Product Import/Export.
3.Hou Shun Trade Company (1976) / Bee Product Import/Export.
4.Dong Ya Yuan Co., Ltd. (1986) / Sale of Royal Jelly, Honeycomb, Beekeeping Supplies.
5.Honey Farm (2007) /Department Store, Souvenirs, Export.
6.Huang He Trade Co., Ltd. (2012) / Souvenirs, Import/Export, Sale of Bee Products.
7.Sanyi Beekeeping Co., Ltd. (2014) / Beekeeping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Bee Product Trading Platform.

1.Thailand - Sale of Beekeeping Materials
2.Japan - Sale of Royal Jelly
3.Singapore/America - Sale of Honey
4.Vietnam - Export of Concentration Technology