1915|Lin Tu founded Zhi Yang Bee Farm

1940| Lin, Yi-Chung learned advanced beekeeping skills from Akitayahonten Co., Ltd., a well-known beekeeping company in Japan.
1950| Lin, Yi-Chung returned to Taiwan and founded Sanyi Bee Farm.
1962| Lin, Yi-Chin (younger brother of Lin, Yi-Chung) inherits the first-generation beekeeping skills and has kept bees as of today.

1963| As an influential royal jelly supplier in Taiwan, Lin, Yi-Chung started to teach Taiwanese beekeepers to produce royal jelly and to export royal jelly to Japan and Europe.
1969| Lin, Yi-Chung was one of the founding members of Taiwan Beekeeping Association.
1970| Lin, Yi-Chung founded Liqun Trade Co., Ltd., one of top 100 exporters in Taiwan.
1975| Sanyi established the beehive factory; it was the only beekeeping supply company in Taiwan.  

1976| The third-generation owner founded Hou Shun Trade Company to export bee products to more countries.
1978| Sanyi formed a partnership with a company in Chiang Mai, Thailand to export beekeeping supplies to Thailand.
1986| Lin, Yi-Chung founded Dong Ya Yuan Co., Ltd. in Ikebukuro, Tokyo to sell bee products in Kanto region, Japan.
1996| Sanyi stretched its beekeeping business to Taibao, Chiayi County and introduced the honey concentrate technology; it also developed various beekeeping supplies to meet different needs of beekeepers.
1998| Sanyi introduced German instruments and Japanese inspection equipment.
2001| Sanyi introduced the automatic production technology to improve the production capacity and to meet the needs of wax in Southeast Asia.
2006| The four-generation owner worked with Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station to develop the brand HoneyFarm and its spread products.
2007| Obtained HALAL certification and set up ISO 9001 & HACCP.
2010| Stationed in department stores as HoneyFarm and participated in Food Taipei.
2012| Founded Huang He Trade Co., Ltd. and stationed at Hinoki Village, Chiayi City.
2013| Sanyi obtained various patents on beekeeping supplies in Thailand and Japan.  
2014| Founded Sanyi Beekeeping Co., Ltd.
2015| Huang He Trade Co., Ltd. introduced the most advanced beeswax machine.
2016| Sanyi Beekeeping Co., Ltd. introduced the food safety inspection equipment and planned the construction of the second factory.