【Leading Beekeeping Supply】

The first beehive in Taiwan was made by Lin Tu in Chiayi. This beehive was said to be a cross-generation product that totally changed the way of keeping bees at that time. This beehive also has a significant impact on the bee ecology in Taiwan. After being passed down by four generations, century-old Sanyi becomes a reliable brand for beekeepers worldwide.

【Representative Expert in Beekeeping Supplies】

Being passed down by four generations, Sanyi was founded by Lin Tu. At first, Lin Tu earned his living by selling joss paper and grains. By chance, Lin became to cultivate bees in Chiayi and Tainan using simple tools. Because of great interest, Lin solved beekeeping problems more actively than other beekeepers and later founded Zhi Yang Bee Farm in 1915. To have a thorough understanding of beekeeping and bee species, the second-generation owner Lin, Yi-Chung learned advanced beekeeping skills from Akitayahonten Co., Ltd., a well-known beekeeping company in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Lin, Yi-Chung not only improved quality of bee products, but also shared the knowledge with other beekeepers. After years of experience in beekeeping, Lin, Yi-Chung became the representative expert in beekeeping supplies in Taiwan.

【 Belief of Honesty 】

Treat people honestly -
Treat people with a simple and honest attitude.
Do business honestly -
Build a sound and friendly relationship with other counties.
Set prices honestly -
Beekeeping supplies are sold at a fixed price, regardless of quantity.
Provide products honestly -
Quality of products is controlled strictly.

【 The All-round Beekeeping Supply Company in Taiwan 】

After a century of development, Sanyi has a complete scale covering areas with nectar sources in Taiwan. Currently, Sanyi keeps hundreds of boxes of bees and works with 200 bee farms. In addition to cultivating bee species and improving quality of bee products, Sanyi upholds the spirit and the culture of ancestors to develop suitable beekeeping supplies and featured products, with an aim to achieve an all-round beekeeping business and provide customers with healthy and sweet products.